Family-Friendly Trips

“Family-Friendly” Trips 

Topics discussed on this page:  When?  WhereWhyWhat We Do to make our trips into Family-Friendly Trips?  And... pricing.

Every year, we operate one or two, week-long “Family-Friendly” trip(s), designed to let you travel with the junior members of your clan — young or not so young.  

In 2018, the scheduled departures are:

In addition, we offer guest-initiated trips (any two “Founding Families” can create one through the end of the prior year), to pretty much anywhere we operate, though we discourage trips in hot regions in the heart of summer. 

Past trips have run in Alsace, Brittany, Burgundy, Provence, the Jura (the mountains on the French / Swiss border), the Italian Dolomites, Tuscany (traffic conditions not suitable for younger children), Denmark, and the Sound of Music land of Austria. 

We have children of our own, and know what is involved in planning successful cycle vacations with them. 
Kids of all ages love biking, under their own power or not. 
They love being outdoors, they love being with their parents in a new environment and seeing their parents in a new light, and they have the energy the parents sometimes lack.... 

And all family members can come along, whether or not they wish to bike. 
A minimum fitness level is required, since alternate transportation is by train and bus, and you still have to walk to and from the stations on foot. 
But if Grandma is a fit 70, and would enjoy the trip, why not bring her?  “Family-Friendly” means just that:  open to the whole family (except the goldfish). 
See our “Training Partner” program for details of adult travel without a bike.

What We Do
We modify our usual trips, and offer several special services / considerations:

  • Getting kids to organize and pack is not always easy, so we try to limit the hotel changes.  Typically, we use no more than three hotels on a week-long Family-Friendly trip.
  • We offer a wide variety of cycle equipment:  tag-along bikes, child-sized bikes, trailers, child seats, even a tandem for a parent with an older child (age 10 and up, depending on height). 
  • We offer variable-distance loop rides, so that strapping teens can cover kilometers, while little legs can limit the effort.  Non-cyclists will find the night stops of intrinsic interest.  But if local exploration / reading a book by the river is not appealing, they will also have access to day trips into the local city, or to neighboring towns.
  • We review our cycling itineraries with a specific eye to safety, and reduce to a minimum, or eliminate entirely, any high-traffic zones.  Where one is unavoidable, geography oblige, we offer a non-biking option to get around it (by taking a short train ride, for instance).
  • We offer our “Daily” Baggage Transfer service at a reduced price, stuffed animals transported at no extra charge.
  • Attention span is not always a strong suit, so we place some focus on non-biking options available to distract the troops.
  • In the same vein, it is nice to have a place where the adults can enjoy a leisurely (and gastronomic) dinner, without worrying about the safety of their children.  So we privilege hotels with their own, in-house restaurants, somewhat at odds with our usual organization.  Depending on the age of the participants, we may offer an escorted “kids night out,” to a restaurant more in tune with the age group than the one we select for the parents....

The goal is for everyone to have a good time, regardless of age or cycling ability. 
It helps that French amusement parks have bars....









Family Pricing
Our Family Pricing offers discounts for children partipating in week-long “Family-Friendly” trips.
Special pricing for children is also available on our Short Trips From Paris), so long as they don’t need the river-view room.  They can come and look at the river from your room. 

Children 12 and up (younger by prior arrangement) are also welcome on our other regularly-scheduled departures. 
However, on trips not specifically designated “Family-Friendly,” the Family Pricing plan only applies to one child per family member paying the regular trip price.

Family Pricing / Child Discounts
Age of Child
Desired Lodging
Under 2
2 - 5
6 - 11
12 - 19
Sharing Parents’ Room**
Price* =
$398 US / $498 C / 330€
Price* =
$650 US / $790 C / 520€
40% discount on the trip price
20% discount on the trip price
Not in Parents’ Room
40% reduction on trip price***
20% reduction on trip price***

* Prices for children 0 - 5 do not include rental bike equipment. 
Child seats, trailers, and tagalong bikes are available at additional cost, or you may supply your own.

** With separate bed (crib or “pack-and-play” for children 2 and under).

***The trip’s Private Single Room charge will apply if a child requires a single room, but single rooms for children are discounted by 25% (they may be small rooms, or independent rooms in a suite with the parent’s room).
Children 5 and under occupying their own room are garanteed to be in a suite with their parents, or in an adjacent room, ideally with a communicating door.
Children 6 - 11 are garanteed to be in a room on the same floor of the hotel as the parents’ room, and every effort is made to keep the two rooms in close proximity.


  • Triple rooms used by 3 children may be twin rooms with an extra bed.

  • Quad parent-and-child “family” rooms cannot be guaranteed, as not all hotels have them, and certainly not in sufficient quantity for multiple families.  When available, they will typically be rooms with one double bed and two single beds.  If you are two parents travelling with two children over 2 years old, you may request such a room when you sign up for the trip.  But you must be willing to accept the alternate (and less discounted) solution of two separate-but-proximate rooms.  If a quad can be assigned at some stops and not others, the additional discount will be pro-rated.  Available quads will be assigned in order of trip sign-up.

  • Child discounts are not cumulable with any other commercial discount, such as “student” or “group” discounts, or discounts accorded to the Founders of Guest-Initiated Trips.  In all cases, the larger discount will be used.









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