Dear Canadians / Cher(e)s Canadien(ne)s, Welcome / Bienvenu(e)s!

Blue Marble Travel is a company with long Canadian roots:  we began as the European spin-off of a Canadian outfitter, and kept an Ontario office back when we had brick n’ mortar commercial offices.  The flat world of the internet has made that pointless — we all work from home now in North America, when we aren’t in local coffee shops, bars, etc. — but we still think of ourselves as a Canadian firm at heart, and about 20% of our riders are Canadian in an average year.

We are always happy to see Canadians join our trips, which can be subscribed and paid for in $C.

Indeed, over the last four years, our $C trip prices have significantly decreased, as the loonie attained (and occasionally surpassed) parity with the $US. 

So not everything is bad about having a stong currency:  we may have a hard time exporting stuff, but at least we can all go to Europe to cry into really good beer.

Happy Travels!

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