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Blue Marble Travel is an international cycle tour outfitter, staging trips across continental Europe.  Our trips are primarily designed for an English-speaking audience, though everyone is welcome.  Indeed, we offer a great opportunity to practice your English with different variants of native speakers.  Further, if you are interested in traveling in your home country, contact us:  we can often offer a substantial discount on your trip, and deputize you as a “cultural ambassador.”

Those of us who create and coordinate the trips hold a great variety of passports, one British, others from former colonies of one sort or another (US, Australia, Canada).  Then there are a few continentals sprinkled in (French, Spanish and Italian, at the moment), and even a South American.  Our riders come from pretty much around the world.

The hub of our network of trips is in Paris.  So we have to base our company there.  There are worse places.

Our € prices differ from our $ prices in one important respect.

They are lower.  But don't get excited:  this reflects a difference in the service provided.  Cycle hire is not included in the €uro prices, while it is included in the dollar prices.  (Since it is less complex for Europeans to bring their own cycles, many choose to do so.)  

This does not mean that you can’t hire a cycle from us if you wish to:  you can.   It just means that the price of cycle hire is shown separately in the “Facts & Figures” box on every trip page.

So, come and find out what people from around the globe find so appealing about cycle tourism in the “old world!”

Happy trails...

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