Special Offer:  coming from Great Britain?
Eurostar tickets from London to the continent:
78€ return (49€ single)

Details Concerning Our Discount “Eurostar” Offer
  • Offer is open to full-time residents of the United Kingdom, Ireland, and, curiously, Norway.
  • Prices are per person, in 2nd class.
  • 1st class tickets (“Standard Premier” in Eurostarspeak) are priced from 148€ return, 92€ single
    1st class offers a light meal on-board
    , in addition to more comfortable seating.
  • These discount fares are only available to participants in our regularly-scheduled (not charter or guest-initiated) cycle trips, spanning at least 4 nights.
  • We try to respect your requests regarding specific trains or narrow time bands, but we only guaranteee availability of the special discount prices if you are willing to travel at any time on the date of travel requested.
    Before we book your tickets, we will offer both the closest departures to your ideal travel times available at the discount price, and the lowest cost tickets we can offer at the precise times you specify.  You may then tell us which one you prefer.
  • Blackout dates apply.  These are:  the eves and final days of any “long” weekend (where the Thursday, Friday, Monday or Tuesday is a legal holiday in either GB or France)
  • If you do not have the flexibility required for our guaranteed special discount fare, you may give us narrower acceptable bands, and make your trip registration conditional upon the availability of discount tickets at your desired travel time.  In this case, please submit the registration (including payment of deposit or of the trip cost, as appropriate) and train request, simultaneously.  If your train request can be honored (reply guaranteed within one week), the sign-up becomes effective.  If it cannot, the registration is not effective, and all payments are refunded.  You are encouraged to give us as much latitude as possible in such cases, to avoid disappointment.
    We will not “just look and see” if discount fares are available without your trip subscription in hand, as the search takes time, and the answer will be useless.  By the time you sign up, the discount seats may be gone, and then what?
  • Discount fares are only guaranteed to guests requesting their trains at the time that the cycle trip is booked.  Subsequent requests will be honored on a space-available basis, but are not guaranteed.
  • Tickets are not refundable nor exchangeable.  If the trains initially selected cannot be used, alternate travel must be booked and paid for.  Tickets allowing for a single change may be purchased for +28€ single, +45€ return.
  • Connecting trains to and from your trip must be ordered separately.  Obviously, if you book them through us (see our Access Packages), we will ensure that the trains you book connect to each other.  We are not, however, responsible for missed connections due to late trains or any other cause.  The French and Belgian railways generally treat delayed Eurostar passengers as their own, and vice versa.  They thus assist in making alternate arrangements without cost in the event of a missed connection.  However, these are officially separate companies, and have no legal obligation to each other’s clients.  Planning comfortable connections is prudent.
  • This offer may be discontinued at any time, without notice.

To request tickets, please specify the following:
- Preferred travel date, time, and class of service (1st or 2nd).
- Acceptable alternates, in order of preference. 
In the absence of your ideal train in your preferred class of service, would you accept...

  • ...the other class of service?
  • ...an alternate travel time?
    Would the ideal alternate travel time be earlier, or later?  Or, if both are acceptable, which would you prefer?  At what point would you prefer to shift to the other class?
  • Is there an alternate date that would be acceptable?  If so, at what time on that alternate date?

The more acceptable alternatives you give to us, the more likely we are to be able to satisfy your request.

About Blue Marble

Blue Marble Travel is an international cycle tour outfitter, staging trips across continental Europe for an English-speaking audience.  Those of us who create and coordinate the trips hold a great variety of passports, one British, others from former colonies of one sort or another (US, Australia, Canada).  Then there are a few continentals sprinkled in (French, Spanish and Italian, at the moment), and even a South American....  Past riders have come from pretty much around the world.

The hub of our network of trips is in Paris.  So that is why we base our company here.
We also like the food.

We offer our price list in €uros for European riders.

Our €uro prices differ from our dollar prices in one important respect.
They are lower.  But don't get excited:  this reflects a difference in the service provided.  Cycle hire is not included in the €uro prices, though of course it is available at an additional cost.
Since it is less complex for European riders to bring their own cycles — “Eurostar” will transport them, for instance — many choose to do so.  The price of cycle hire is shown separately on each trip page, should you prefer to avoid the hassle.

To go directly to the printable version of the overview price list, click here.

Happy Travels!

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