Trip Coordinator / Baggage Master Application Form

To Apply

Please fill out the following application.  You may do so by any means you please, but we suggest that you simply copy it into an e.mail, the subject line of which should be “Application Form.”  Please send it to our Paris address.

Please answer all questions fully and precisely.  The precision and topicality of your responses will have an influence on the consideration given to your application:  how can we expect you to keep track of 20 sets of travel plans if you can't read a question with sufficient care to reply to it?

If you prefer to send hard copy, please do so to our Paris office.


First, please be sure that you have the necessary qualifications for the job.  Those can be found here, for Trip Coordinators and for Baggage Masters.

Assuming you do....

1.  Please give us your contact information (name, as it figures on your passport, name you actually go by, if different, an address where a piece of mail would reach you, a home phone, a business phone if applicable, and an e.mail address or addresses, explaining the different uses of each, if applicable).

If you are attaching a CV, you may simply enter “CV” when information requested in the rest of this application can be found there.  If you wish to send a “hard copy” of a CV by fax, you may do so, to our Paris office.

2.  Please tell us about your education.  Include also the name of your high (or secondary) school, and graduation dates from both secondary school and university (if any).

3. For what job are you applying?  Please tell us...

  • ...if you are applying for a “Trip Coordinator” position only______

  • ...if you are applying for a “Baggage Master” position only______

  • ...if you would consider either______

  • ...if you would consider a combination _____

4.  Are you willing to drive during the course of your work?

  • 4.1.  Can you drive a manual transmission vehicle?

  • 4.2.  Some rental car companies require that a driver be at least 21, 23, or 25 years old for auto rental.  If you are under 25, but willing to drive, please give us your age:

5.  Do you have any experience with Apple computers?  With what software?

6.  What language(s) do you speak, and how well (excellent English is a requirement for all jobs)?  Label each language with one of the following letters:  A (can pass for a native), B (fluent for a foreigner), C (can hold a basic conversation with a native speaker), D (can get by with meals and travel), E (can ask where the rest room is).

7.  Would you be comfortable conducting an interview in any of these?

8.  How did you learn each language?

9.  What experience do you have with cycling?

10.  Do you have any experience with bike repair?

11.  Where in Europe have you lived or traveled?  For how long?  By what means did you travel (train, car…)? Please mention also any other experience with European cultures that you think may be relevant (exchange students who lived in your home, advanced university degrees, etc.).

12.  Have you ever held any leadership positions?  Please describe.  Refer to positions described on your CV if appropriate.

13.  Please list relevant work experience.  Not necessary if you are joining a CV.  However, even if you are joining a CV, you may wish to call special attention to any customer service / client interface positions you have held, especially if you considered these to be too minor to merit a place on your CV, or if you have inflated them to remove the “behind the counter” element, one of great interest to us.

14.  What are your outside interests or hobbies?

15.  What appeals to you about this position?

16.  Please give us two references.  Work-related, non-family references are preferable:

Name, e.mail address, postal address, phone, and relationship to you for each reference are needed.

17.  When are you available to start work?

18.  Until when can you work?

19.  Do you see yourself doing this work for more than one year?  Please comment.

20.  For meals planned in advance, do you have dietary restrictions (whether based on health, religion, allergy, or personal preference) of which we should be aware?

Please date and “sign” your application.  By entering your name here, you promise to us that you have filled in this application truthfully and fully.  Any misprepresentation can (obviously) be cause for a parting of ways....

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