Mozart & the Matterhorn — 3 weeks
Switzerland (Zermatt), the Italian Lakes, the Salzburg Hinterland, and the Danube Valley (Austria)

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Mozart & the Matterhorn is a trip for lovers of rarefied air.  It crosses the prettiest of the Alps in 3 countries, indulging you in the exhilaration of high altitudes.  Despite the terrain, it’s not a hard ride:  we keep to the valleys and train uphill from time to time to roll back down, hopefully on our bikes.

Gawk at glaciers in Switzerland, pilot mountain roads in Italy, overnight in Alp-top lodges in Austria; constantly cradled by stunning scenery.

Between the buttercups and the edelweiß, lowlands fans are regaled with city days in Como, Salzburg & Vienna – convivial capitals of cuisine and culture.  Finish with a 3-day ride on the blue Danube’s cycle path, Europe’s greatest long-distance bike route.

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Summary Trip Itinerary
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Days of the Week
Region Visited
1 - 3
Fr - Su
Travel to Zermatt (see our Access Package for options), goof off.
Look at our Swiss route for hints as to how.  On Sunday, bike down the Vispa Valley to the start of our Italian Alps route.
3 - 9
Follow link for details
Su & Mo
The Ossola Valley
Tu - Sa
The Lakes, Ticino
Sa, Su
Train to Munich
A luxurious journey over the Gotthard pass, night in Munich. 
Continue to Salzburg at your leisure, on Sunday.
10 - 16
Follow link for details
Su & Mo
Salzburg, Salt Mines, Musical Fountains, Berchtesgaden
Tu - Fr
The Salzkammergut & the Austrian Alps
Fr & Sa
Gesäuse National Park and the Ennstal Bike Route
Follow link for details
16 - 22
Sa - Mo
Steyr and the Steiermark
Mo - Th
The Danube and the Wachau
Th & Fr
Trip disbands on Friday morning after breakfast, but additional nights in Vienna are available and recommended!

Mozart and the Matterhorn — Facts & Figures
2017 Dates
Baggage Services Offered*
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$4,995 US
$6,595 C

Daily, Half, Lite
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the bike.
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** At least 4 riders must subscribe to a given baggage service for it to operate (except for Lite, which always operates on this trip).  Services already confirmed to be operating appear in bold.   If the “Daily” service is confirmed, the “Half” service may no longer be offered to future sign-ups, though it will be provided to those to whom it has previously been confirmed.

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