Giro d’Italia - 3 weeks
Italy (Tuscany, Umbria and the Italian Lakes)

On this page, you'll find a description of the trip, a thumbnail itinerary with links to more detailed descriptions of the regions that it follows, and the prices and departure dates.

Italy has only been a nation since the 19th century, and in many ways, her regions remain as different and varied as many of Europe’s countries.  Reflections of Roman and Etruscan history unify the land more than politics, and in passing make Italy a favorite destination for the travellers that we are.

Soft Tuscan scenes delight with their velvet hills and signature cypress trees espousing the contours of the land.  Harmonious cities and towns are the jewels that they set, each cut of the same stone, and frozen in time.  An aesthetes delight!

On to Umbria. Landscapes and cuisine rival those of Tuscany, but undiscovered Umbria’s warm welcome has no rivals.  Hilltop citadels, built over the ages from Roman times, rise in jumbles from silver groves of olive trees.  Their oil, and the region’s black truffles, reign supreme in one of Italy’s most varied and creative cuisines.

And finally to the lakes....  A perfect combination of man and nature, the Alps’ southern slopes spring from laughing lakes with a distinctly Latin flavor.  A brief incursion into Italian Switzerland provides a respite from late trains, and a surprising juxtaposition of cultures.

Through it all, a beautiful language and an expansive people, at the root of European civilization.

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Summary Trip Itinerary
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Days of the Week
Region Visited
Travel to Pisa, night there.
Our trip assembles in either Pisa or Empoli on Sunday morning.
1 - 7
Su - Tu
San Gimignano, the Elsa Valley
Tu - Th
Siena, Colline Sienese
Fr & Sa
Chianti, to Florence
8 - 14
Su & Mo
Spoleto, the Umbrian Apennine
Tu - Th
Valle Umbra, Assisi
Fr & Sa
Perugia, Lago Trasimeno.
14 & 15
Sa & Su
We travel to Florence for a night on the town, and continue to the Alps in the morning, rejoining our cycles in the Ossola Valley.
15 - 21
Su & Mo

The Simplon Pass & the Ossola Valley

Tu - Th
Lago Maggiore and Ticino
Th - Sa
Lago di Como
  Trip disbands Saturday midday, in Como
A night hotel is included in the Como Access Package for a Sunday flight or other ongoing travel.
Access Package travel date

Giro d’Italia — Facts & Figures
2018 Dates
Baggage Services Offered**
May 27 - June 16
$5,395 US
$6,795 C
Daily, Half, Lite
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the bike.
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** At least 4 riders must subscribe to a given baggage service for it to operate (except for Lite, which always operates on this trip).  Services already confirmed to be operating appear in boldIf the “Daily” service is confirmed, the “Half” service may no longer be offered to future sign-ups, though it will be provided to those to whom it has previously been confirmed.

Reaching & Leaving Your Trip:  General Information on Access Packages
Specific information on reaching your trip’s start in...

Pisa or Empoli

Specific information on departing from your trip’s end... Chiasso (Como)