Additional Services (Optional Extras)

Offered as accessories to our cycle trips:

Baggage Transfer Services
Getting luggage moved around during a cycle trip is costly.  Alone in the fraternity of cycle trip outfitters, we make this expense optional.  We offer no fewer than four different luggage shipping services for different budgets.

We even help you avoid the whole business, and travel “self-contained,” if that is what you prefer to do.  You thus spend your funds on muscle-relaxing wine, instead of on shipping your lawn tractor around Europe.

Bike-Related Stuff
We sell or rent a variety of equipment, for those who do not have it at home.  We also advise you on how to use what you already have, instead of buying new stuff.  And we are not “equipment geeks.”  One of our coordinators, who has cycled conservatively 100,000 miles on Blue Marble bikes (that is, four times around the earth), does so in sneakers and non-padded shorts, without toe cages.  But, should you want it, here's our list of Equipment for Sale or Rent.

We also offer cycle insurance, for our bikes only.

Meeting and Leaving Your Trip, Travelling Before & After
“Access Packages”
These travel options are designed to help you travel between your trip and nearby major (airport) cities.  They are trip-specific pages, offering details about trains, planes and automobiles needed to get you to / from your trip.

Other topics discussed in detail on their respective linked pages:

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Access Packages
How to meet & leave your trip.

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