Meeting at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport

Our meeting point is in the airport’s mainline rail station, Gare TGV, located in the heart of terminal 2. 
The railway station is linked directly to terminals 1 and 3 in under 10 minutes, via a baggage-friendly people mover called CDGVAL.

Within the railway station, our designated meeing point is in front of the railway information booth.
This is on the level of the railway ticket booking hall, above the tracks.  Our meeting point is a few meters (and within clear sight of) the booth. 

Precisely:  a line of two tables, surrounded by red chairs and stools, extends away from the booth towards a snack stand called “class'croute.”  Between the two tables is a pair of departure / arrival monitors for the trains.  This is where we meet.

Below are photos.  The first is a general view, looking at our meeting point at the foot of the arrival / departure monitors, and past it to the information booth.


The second is take from the vantage of the meeting point, looking at the snack stand.

We use this meeting point in preference to baggage claim areas, airline ticket counters, or check-in desks, since all of these are subject to interpretation and error (incoming flights can be diverted to alternate arrival terminals; there are two exits from most of the baggage areas, and sometimes a third in the case of oversized luggage; check-in counters have several variants, depending on the class of service, frequent flyer program, etc). 

If you wish an alternate meeting point, please describe it to us in as much detail as possible, and be sure to have a working cell phone, switched on, at the time of the meeting.  An extra 20€ charge applies.




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