Directions to the Gare de Bercy from

Allow 35 minutes for this trip (30 minutes if you are starting from the Ducs d’Anjou, and already have a métro ticket), from the time you cross the threshold of your lodging (or of our office), to the time you reach your train’s platform.  This estimate includes 15 minutes for floundering around.  Add more if you think more floundering will be required.

Step 1:   Getting to the Métro.

From the Hôtel Bellevue et Chariot d'Or

From the Hôtel Ducs d’Anjou

From our Office, or our Guest Apartments

Step 2, Riding métro line 4 to the Châtelet station (Ducs d’Anjou guests enter the métro at Châtelet)
Whether you have entered the métro at Réaumur-Sabastopol or Etienne-Marcel, the instructions are now the same.

Step 3, Riding Line 14 of the métro to the Bercy station

At the end of the block, the station is across the street to your right, up a flight of stairs / escalators.  It is labled in large letters Gare de Paris Bercy.  You will see a logo for SNCF, the French national railway.