How to go from Gare du Nord or Gare de l’Est
to the Hôtel Bellevue et Chariot d’Or

39, rue de Turbigo, 75003 Paris
Telephone +33 (0)1 48 87 45 60

From either station, take metro line 4 in the direction of the “Mairie de Montrouge.” Ride 4 stops (from Gare du Nord) or 3 stops (from Gare de l’Est), to the Réaumur-Sebastopol station.

Exit to the front, following signs for Sortie Rue Réaumur. Up a flight of stairs.

At the top of the stairs continue straight forward, and through some electric doors.

In front of you is another stair, going up to the Sortie Boulevard de Sebastopol, Rue de Réaumur Côté N° Impairs. Take this up to the street.

At the top of the stairs that bring you outside, walk straight ahead, in the direction that you were pointing as you reached the top step. You are walking along the Boulevard de Sebastopol (on your left hand), against traffic.

Continue for two short blocks, until you come to the busy Rue de Turbigo, crossing Sebastopol at an angle, with way too much traffic flowing to your right. Turn left and cross Sebastopol (along which you have been walking) without crossing Turbigo.

Once across Sebastopol, walk up Turbigo (on your right hand) against traffic. Your hotel is in this block, on the left-hand side, at number 39.

To Get From the Hotel to Our Office...

The Blue Marble office is located at number 2, rue Dussoubs, about 3 blocks from your hotel.

To get there, walk out the front door of the hotel and turn right. You will be on the rue de Turbigo, walking with the flow of traffic.

At the end of your hotel’s block, cross the busy Boulevard de Sebastopol (traffic flowing to your right). Stay on the rue de Turbigo.

Two short blocks ahead, on the right hand side, the tiny rue Tiquetonne detaches itself from Turbigo at a narrow angle, and enters a semi-pedestrian neighborhood protected by movable barriers in the street (the anglo-Irish pub “Frog & Rosbif” on your right).

Follow the rue Tiquetonne for one longish block. Rue Dussoubs, our street, is the first street on your right. We are the first store front you come to once you round the corner, on the right-hand side of Dussoubs as you walk away from Tiquetonne: the glass-doored boutique between numbers 2 & 4.

If the iron curtain is down it means we aren't up yet. If the curtain is up, but the front room is dark, it means that we've gone out for coffee, or are in the basement. Try knocking on the glass door with a coin or a key (so that the knock can be heard in the basement), or looking into local bars. Or wait: we’ll be back soon.

Here are our official opening hours....