to our left bank hotels (the Senlis, Cujas, Brésil).

Welcome to Paris. You have just stumbled off your train at the Austerlitz station. Now you have to make your way to your left bank hotel.

In General -
You will be taking a bus, the number 89. The bus accepts metro tickets (one ticket equals one ride), but if you don't have one, you may pay on board. Simply give the driver two euros. He will give you a ticket, and small change. You then “validate” (date stamp) the ticket, by sticking it into the little machine by the driver's cab.

To Find Your Bus Stop

As you come off your train, you will walk forward, past the locomotive that pulled it into the station.
  • Keep left, and you will exit the station via the Cour de l’Arrivée (arrival courtyard).
  • Continue to walk forward through the arrival courtyard, thus walking in the direction that your train was travelling until it came to a stop. This will bring you out of the station grounds, and to a main avenue, the Boulevard de l'Hôpital.
  • Cross the Boulevard by the closest crosswalk.
  • Once on the far side of the Boulevard de l'Hôpital, look to your right. There is a bus stop a few feet away (you will cross a small street, the rue Buffon, to reach it), and the # 89 stops here.

When the bus arrives, board via the front door, and buy your ticket (if necessary), or validate a métro ticket if you have one. The bus’ destination will probably be GARE DE VANVES-MALAKOFF, but this does not really matter: even if the bus is terminating early, it will go as far as you need it to.

If you are going to the Senlis, the Brésil, or the Cujas Panthéon...
...ride this bus 7 stops, to the stop called Mairie du 5e — Panthéon. You may follow your progress by means of the strip map posted in the bus: all bus stops are named in Paris, as subway stations would be in other cities, and the names are posted on the stops, and on the map in the bus.

Get off when you reach Mairie du 5e — Panthéon. The hulking presence of the Panthéon, around which the bus circles before coming to your stop, should help you prepare to arrive.

You are now a short walk from the hotel.

To the Senlis or the Brésil...

  • Walk forward, downhill, in the direction in which the bus was travelling.
  • Make the first left turn, onto rue St.-Jacques.
  • Make the first right turn, onto rue Malbranche.

The Senlis is now just ahead, on the left hand side of the street, at number 7 rue Malbranche.

For the Brésil, continue downhill another block, until rue Malbranche "T's" into rue Le Goff. The Brésil is roughly opposite, at this intersection (at number 10, rue Le Goff).

If you are going to the Cujas Panthéon...

  • Walk forward, downhill, in the direction in which the bus was travelling.
  • Make the first right turn, onto rue St.-Jacques.
  • Make the first left turn, onto rue Cujas.

Your hotel is ahead on the right, at number 18 in the rue Cujas.