How to go from the Gard du Nord to the Gare de Lyon
Trains to Southern Burgundy, southwestern France, French-speaking Switzerland, and overnight trains to Italy.

To get to the Gare de Lyon from Gare du Nord, take line D of the métro (this express line is also known by the acronym “RER”).

To find it: if you are standing in the station’s main hall, with your back to the trains, it is at the far right-hand end of the building, one level down.

A regular metro ticket works for this ride, which you can purchase in the booking hall if you did not buy it in advance from us. Keep your ticket: you will need it again to exit at the Gare de Lyon.

Follow signs for the platform in the direction of any of Melun, Corbeil-Essones, or Malesherbes (it is normally the same platform). Line D trains almost always depart from track 42. Trains headed to any of these points, or any other Line D train headed in these directions, will work. One or another runs every 15 minutes, and journey time is 6 minutes.

To verify that you are right: a panel on the platform lights up the stations being served by each approaching train. When the “Gare de Lyon” light lights up, the incoming train (or the train sitting at the platform) is going there.

In the unlikely event of a problem on line D, any train on the opposite track, across the platform (served by line B) will also work. Take any line B train one stop, to Châtelet - Les Halles. Get off there, and walk directly across the platform, without going up or down any stairs. Take any train that comes on this platform (line A) one stop, to Gare de Lyon.

At Gare de Lyon, follow signs for “Grandes Lignes” (main line trains) to come to the main station.

A particularlity regarding the Gare de Lyon: it has two parts, one with lettered tracks (A through J or so) and another with numbered tracks. A blue or yellow bar indicates which part of the station departing trains will leave from, even before their track letter or number is posted.