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“Hommage to the Tour de France” trip to be staged in July. See “New in ‘07” for details.
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Blue Marble Travel’s
European Bicycle Trips
Out-of-the-Ordinary Trips for Exceptional People
since 1986

The best way to move through life
is on a bicycle....

Blue Marble's Discovery is a program of cycle voyages for individualistic, curious, adventurous adults, young in fact or young at heart. The pace of a bike trip is ideal for exploration and impromptu discovery. And cycling fends off the thousands of pounds you would otherwise gain eating yourself silly every night.

Our guests are atypical of the world that travels by bike. Not youth hostelers or campers, not your boss on an “adventure” involving a diesel “sag wagon” and the local Ritz. We travel as our hosts do: modestly, weighing the value of our purchases; but comfortably, seeking out the special experiences that make the trip. And we are curious. We don't shield ourselves from our hosts’ cultures: we seek them out.

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... in France: Provence, Burgundy, the Loire Valley, the Massif Central, Champagne Alsace, Bordeaux, the Dordogne Valley. In Italy: Tuscany, Umbria, the Italian Lake District. In Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Germany... even Luxembourg!
Bike travel for the exuberant!

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