Paris Area Services (our Paris “Home Page”)

This is an overview of services offered from our Paris office, available to you whether or not you are on one of our escorted trips. 

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Luggage Storage in Paris, Bicycle Storage, Shipment of Cycles and Luggage
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  • Luggage & Bicycle Storage in central Paris
  • Luggage & Bicycle Shipment Within Europe
  • Luggage or Bicycle Transfer to / from Paris Airports
    Without accompanying passengers.  See our “Airport Transfers” page for transfer of passengers with luggage and / or cycles.

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And Finally, Our Emergency Wine List

Prices on this page are in €uros
For your convenience, this currency converter will allow you to convert them to other currencies.

Moulin Rouge Tickets / Reservations

Moulin Rouge at nightSince the time of the can-can and Josephine Baker, Paris floor shows have been justifiably famous.  Somewhat cynical about this stuff in general, we cannot help but be impressed by the gaudy spectacle, oh-so-different from the Las Vegas imitations. 

Our favorite is the Moulin Rouge, and we offer to make bookings there.  You may book the floor show only, or the floor show plus dinner, and you may pre-order any of four prix fixe meals.

Surprisingly, the dining is not overpriced for what it is (though the whole business is expensive).  Food is carefully prepared, an apparent impossibility given the atmosphere.  And there is a secret reason to have dinner in the theatre:  the best tables at the floor show are reserved for the diners. 

We have a couple of other tricks to make the evening more enjoyable for our guests.  So...  if this is a project that appeals, tell us what you would like (see “To Reserve,” below).

How the Moulin Works

Dinner is served nightly at 7p (19h).  The floor show is staged twice, at 9p (21h) and 11p (23h).  For those who come for dinner at 7p, the dance floor is opened at the end of the meal.  They then remain at their tables for the 9p floor show, and are thus assured of prime placement.  Conversely, “floor show only” patrons at 9p generally get relatively poor seats. 

If you can handle the late night, and are not in the market for the evening meal, try to hold out for the 11p show.  Another way to improve your seating options (and to save 10€) is to book Su - Th rather than Friday or Saturday.  Thursday is busy, but not as bad as Friday or Saturday, which are often sold out far in advance. 

Prices (updated for April 1, 2017)

Floor Show
Sunday through Thursday:  115€ / person at 9p (21h), 112€ / person at 11p (23h), including a half bottle of champagne, or the alternate beverage of your choice.
Friday and Saturday:  add 10€.

Two, 3-course prix fixe menus are on offer (cost is addition to the floor show, above). 
The less expensive is the “Toulouse Lautrec” at 75€ (there is also a vegetarian menu at this price).  
The more elaborate is the “Belle Epoque,” at 105€ / person. 
You may look over the respective menus on the Moulin's web site.  

Full disclosure:  there is also a less expensive menu called the “Mistinguett.”  But it does not include a beverage, and the purchase of any beverage, let along champagne, makes it more expensive than the (more interesting) “Toulouse Lautrec” option.

hould you wish to keep your menu choice open, tell us that..  We then book the less expensive “Toulouse Lautrec” menu, but warn the Moulin that you are undecided when we make your booking, which we do by phone in order to negotiate your table placement.  You can almost always trade up when you arrive (just talk to your maitre d’hôtel as you are seated, and pay the supplement on the spot).  You cannot trade down without more complex negotiation. 

To Reserve...
...please tell us the following:

  • Your first choice date, and any alternate date you would accept for a better table.
  • Dinner + floor show (7p), floor show only at 9p, or floor show only at 11p?
  • If dinner, which menu:  Toulouse-Lautrec, Belle Epoque, or vegetarian (see above)?

Payment is by any of our usual means.

Currency Exchange

This service, only available to clients for one or more of our other services, allows you to exchange $ (US, C, A, NZ), £GB, or ¥en, for €, in our office.  Advance reservation is recommended, as we do not normally keep meaningful cash on hand.  There is no fixed charge, the exchange rate used is the “mid-market” interbank rate in vigour at the time of the transaction, and the cost is 3%.  

Our Emergency Wine List

You never know when you might need a good bottle of wine, and it is our pleasure to supply one.  This service is only available to guests in our apartments, to passengers on our trips, or to thirsty people who happen to stumble by. 

Several members of the Blue Marble crew are wine enthusiasts.  We buy for our own cellars directly from independent winemakers, and keep a supply of these authentic terroir expressions on hand in the office.  If you would enjoy a bottle from our selection, please feel free to stop by and pick one up.  Whites are, of course, kept chilled.  Samples of wines recently available...


  • Jacquère (Savoie), recent vintage, Domaine de la Prieuré. 
    A grape that does especially well in the foothills of the Alps.  Lively, forward fruit, balanced by the necessary acidity.  Especially good with hard cheeses (compté, gruyère...), or as a sipping wine.  11€
  • Chablis 1e Cru Fourchaume (Burgundy), 2006, Vignoble Dampt-Dupas. 
    Chardonnay as it is meant to be, flinty, steely:  an elegant white Burgundy from a 4th generation producer.  28€


  • Sainte Foy Bordeaux, Château Vaques 2009 (a remarkable year).
    A100% merlot, aged 18 months in 2nd wine small oak barrels.  In the masculine style of good Pomerol, at a fraction of the cost.  14€
  • Arbois Pinot Noir (Jura), Domaine Rolet 2011.
  • From the region just to the east of Burgundy, along the French-Swiss border:  a full-flavored pinot noir from our favorite producer in our favorite region, balanced and ready to drink.  Excellent value.  16€
  • St.-Emilion Grand Cru Classé (Bordeaux), Château Soutard 1998 (a great year on the right bank of the Dordogne). 
    A well-structured, harmonious wine, in the “old school” St.-Emilion style (merlot plus cabernet franc, with merlot dominant).  At its peak:  uncork 15 minutes before serving.  38€
  • Corton-Maréchaudes Grand Cru (Burgundy), Cellier des Ursulines, 2000. 
    Grand Cru is the very highest level of Burgundy pinot noir.  This is a delicate example, nuanced flavors characteristic of the region, from an average-to-good year.  Just reaching its peak:  uncork an hour before serving.  46€

Sparkling (“If it doesn’t sparkle, it doesn’t matter” — Jeff Kralik, veteran leader of our Champagne trip)

  • Crémant de Jura, Domaine Rolet, Brut NV.
    A crémant from the vineyards just to the east of Burgundy, blending the region’s signature chardonnay with pinot noir and the locally-prized poulsard.  Fresh but not boring, excellent value.  15€
  • Champagne Monmarthe, Cuvée Secret de Famille
    A “Premier Cru” from the Montagne de Reims, 50-50 chardonnay / pinot noir.   A complex, full-flavored champagne, for connaisseurs.  Can stand up to food.  38€

Parcel, Letter, or Fax Reception
(and fax transmission)

Costs for reception in (or for fax / scanned document transmission from) our Paris Office
There are no storage charges if a received package is claimed on the day of delivery, or on the following day.
Storage charges for shipments not immediately claimed otherwise accrue from the day of delivery.
If we have the e.mail address of the recipient, we inform of arrival on the day the parcel / envelope / fax is received.

  • Courrier envelopes or letters, parcels under 5 kilos / 11 lbs:  6€, plus storage charges (storage charges are reduced to 1€ / day for envelopes under 2 kilos, 2€ / day for parcels under 5 kilos).
  • Parcels or pieces of luggage, weighing up to 23 kilos / 50 lbs:  14€ (plus applicable storage charges). 
  • Parcels or luggage weighing between 23 and 35 kilos (50 and 75 lbs.), also crated or boxed bicycles:  25€ (plus applicable storage charges).
  • Faxes:  3€ first page, 1€ per additional page, sending or receiving.

How to address a parcel or a courier envelope

Your Name
chez Blue Marble Travel
2, rue Dussoubs
75002 Paris, FRANCE
Téléphone : +33 (0)

Will be claimed [enter an approximate date].

In parallel with shipping, please send us an e.mail with at least the words “Shipped to You” in the subject line (other words can be in there, too, as you please).  Please specify the nature of your shipment (box, suitcase, envelope...), and give us an e.mail contact, so that we may inform you of your shipment’s reception.

How to send us a Fax

  • Faxes should be sent to +33 (0 — dialed only within France)
  • They should be clearly labeled “[your name], care of Blue Marble Travel.” 
  • They will be held for two months from date of reception, and must be called for in person by the person (or by one of the people) to whom the fax is addressed, or by someone presenting a legible photocopy of that person’s ID (passport, for instance).

You may confirm reception by e.mail, or by calling +33- during our regular business hours (no charge).  We take no responsibility for legibility.  We are, of course, happy to take a quick look at the thing (without charge) and make sure it approximately came thru.

Payment is made by the person receiving the fax.

Printing, Photocopying, Scanning

We offer three document treatment services, intended as a convenience for people in our neighborhood.
More economical providers are available a bit further afield for large or non-urgent jobs.

  • Printing.  .pdf or other downloadable documents can be e.mailed to, and we will print them out.  This is useful for the printing of boarding passes, or of train tickets bought on line, for instance.  
  • Photocopying.
  • Scanning (and e.mail transmission) of your documents.

Each has a fixed charge of 3€ per document handled, + 0.50€ per page treated. 

  • The printing (or scanning, or photocopying) of a 2-page document costs 4€ (3€ + 0.50€ + 0.50€). 
  • The printing of two, separate, 1-page documents costs 7€ (3€ + 0.50€ for the first, and again 3€ + 0.50€ for the second).

Independent Travel Services

Air Tickets

Individual Travel Assistance