Student & Educator Discounts on our European Voyages

Blue Marble was founded by a quartet of graduate students who found ourselves earning a collection of degrees to which we were objectively poorly suited.  What we were suited to, we felt, was the stage of life that permitted a month off to cycle around and enjoy riverside picnics with intellectual soulmates.

Our business opportunity came along one day when we saw a flyer for an unusual EEC grant program, subsidizing initiatives to foster cross-cultural understanding.  “What else is a trip in Europe?” we asked.  But we asked in the form of a grant application.  And so it is that...

EEC funding allows us to offer an educational discount on our scheduled trips of up to 25%.

This maximum discount is available to full-time graduate students travelling on “long trips” (trips of 19 or more nights).

It also applies to graduate students who have completed their degree programs and received their post-4-year diplomas, in their year of graduation.  Finally, it applies to students who have formally enrolled in such programs, but not yet matriculated, in the year of their planned matriculation.

We offer a more modest discount (10%), which we finance ourselves, to all full-time university students, and to full-time educators, on trips of 4 or more nights.

To Qualify:

  • The higher, 25% discount applies if you are a student who meets all of the following criteria:
    - You are currently enrolled as a full-time graduate student, in a post-4 year university program, leading to a recognized degree (masters, phd, certain professional degrees).  OR you have been accepted to such a program, and are scheduled to matriculate in the calendar year of your travel with us.
    - You are studying in (and a legal resident of) a country outside the EEC.
    - You are subscribing to a “long trip.”
    This is a trip or combination of trips which includes 19 or more nights, not including add-on or Access Package nights.

    The length of the trip is determined by the number of nights included in the “core” trip (not counting Access Package nights, or other hotel nights, if any, whether or not these are booked through Blue Marble).

    In this internet age, the definition of a university is evolving.  Ours, perhaps unfortunately, remains frozen in time.  It refers to a brick-and-mortar institution, typically with a campus (or urban variant thereof).  Your institution must be on a list elaborated by the European Union, using we know not what criteria, and which we cannot consult (we individually submit every application, which is then accepted or refused).

    If you have any doubts, feel free to submit your information, and we will pass it on.  But we have noticed that any time there has been any doubt, the answer has invariably been “no,” and there is no explanation given nor any appeal process.  It is European taxpayer money, and they can give it to whomever they please.  But the list must be old, or restrictive in some other way we cannot fathom.

  • A discount of 10% on the price of our regularly scheduled trips of 4 or more nights is available to...
    - ...graduate students on trips of fewer than 19, but more than 3 nights,
    - undergraduate students in 4-year degree programs, and subscribing to “long trips” which include 19 or more nights, or...
    - ...full time educators on trips of 4 or more nights.
    Educators must teach full time in an accredited primary, secondary or post-secondary institution, leading to a recognized diploma / degree.  Teachers of modern European languages also qualify for trips taking place in countries or regions which speak the language(s) they teach (we get your help in translating the menus).

Other Details

  • Discounts are not cumulable, either with each other, nor (generally) with other discounts (such as group discounts, or special offers).
  • Students and educators on guest-initiated trips qualify for this discount only in one of the following two circumstances:
    (1)  There are at least 6, adult “Founding Members” of the trip, 4 of whom are paying the regular trip price.
    (2)  There are at least 8, adult “Founding Members” (regardless of the number of discounted travellers).
  • The discounts apply to the cost of the trip itself.  They do not apply to any ancillary service, including but not limited to Baggage Transfer, Access Packages, rail tickets, or additional accommodation charges.
  • Discounts cannot be applied retroactively.  You must apply for and qualify for the discount at the time of your trip inscription.  If you fail to do so, the only way to qualify for the discount is to cancel your trip participation, and to sign up anew.  But the usual cancellation terms apply, which will consume some or all of the discount.
  • Turn-around time for the grant application (used only for the 25% discount) is about 3 weeks.  If you apply to join a trip within 4 weeks of departure, you must either... for your trip in full (you will receive a refund if / when the grant application is approved, but the funds will generally arrive while you are on your trip), or...
    ...make your sign-up contingent upon receiving the grant (you may do this regardless of when you sign up), with the understanding that you may not receive a reply in time to go.  If your application is approved, however, you are considered “signed up,” and cancellation penalties then apply if you choose not to travel.

To apply for a discount, please send us a legible photocopy of a student (or employee) identification card, or of any other document which permits us to clearly identify your graduate program, or your status as a full-time educator.  The selected document must be dated, such that it conclusively shows current enrollment / employ.  Remember:  you are jumping through a bureaucratic hoop:  precision is important.  If you are a student, it must tell us in what degree program you are enrolled, including department affiliation for graduate students or non-elementary school teachers.

If you have any doubts about the adequacy of the document you are sending, or do not have a suitable document, please write a note addressed to the administration or registrar's office of your educational institution, but posted / faxed / pdf'd to us.  This note must...

  • ...authorize us (Blue Marble Travel) to contact the administrator or registrar to confirm your status as a full-time graduate student or educator, as appropriate...
  • ...include a photocopy of your student or employee identification...
  • ...and be signed by you.

We will use this letter to access the necessary records at your institution.  Please also send us the contact information for the office in question (address and phone).  Then start practicing your French.  Or your Danish....

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