Meeting Your Trip in FINSE — 2017

On this page, you will find information about meeting your trip.  Topics include...

We suggest that you print this out, and bring a copy with you to your trip.

When and Where:
In Finse, in time for dinner on Monday night.

Included in Your Access Package, if you subscribed to it:
Train tickets from Oslo or Bergen to Finse.

How to Reach the Oslo Sentral (Central) Train Station from the Airport:
A super-fast shuttle train operates every 20 minutes from the airport rail station, reaching Oslo’s main (“Sentral”) train station in 20 minutes. No-brainer:   at 200 kph, this thing is faster, cheaper, and more comfortable than a taxi.   You would have to be from from the darkest reaches of some rail-deprived province to use an internal combustion engine for this trip.

Finding Your Train at Sentral Station:
All trains to Finse have Bergen or Voss as their final destination (usually Bergen).  So these are the names you look for on the train departure board, which lists all trains departing the Oslo station chronologically.

You may pick up a schedule for your train from the station’s main information booth, in order to follow your progress as you go along, so to be sure to get off at the right stop.   A tourist guide to sights along the line is also sometimes available at the information booth.

If you have your own ticket and reservation, the reservation will show a train number, a car number, and a seat number.  Find the train number on the departure board, go to the indicated track number, and find your coach.  Coach numbers are found by the door of each car.

Once on board your car, find your seat (each one is numbered).   Should someone else be sitting in it, pull out your reservation, and compare it with the one the person in the seat has, to see who has made a mistake.

If you have your own ticket, but do not have a reservation, you should try to make one on your chosen train.   The cost of a reservation is modest:   usually 30 Norwegian Kroner (about 4€ / $5 US), but this may vary.   Go to the ticket office, show your ticket, and request whichever train you please (window or aisle).  If you have a 2nd class ticket, and the train is sold out in 2nd class, you may wish to upgrade to “Comfort Class” (the additional cost is not high, but neither is the additional comfort).  Otherwise, you may take an alternate train, or simply board the train without a reservation.

In this last case, you will either have to stand once on board, or you might be able to occupy a seat of a no-show passenger.   It is generally a good idea to wait until the train departs Oslo before you occupy an empty seat, since it avoids the awkwardness of being asked to move in Norwegian.

If you have boarded the train without a reservation, when the conductor comes through to collect your ticket, you will nonetheless be charged a reservation fee, higher than the one you would have paid in the station.  This may seem unfair, since you have not received the benefit of the reserved seat, but you will have to take that up with the Norwegian parliament.   In exchange, the conductor will generally be able to tell you if the seat that you have chosen has a pre-designated occupant getting on for it up the line.  If it does, he may be able to suggest another one to you. Even a seat suggested by the conductor, however, must be given up in the face of someone holding a station-issued reservation for that seat.   The conductor only knows the state of the reservation plan when the train leaves Oslo, and cannot predict which seats will be reserved from intermediate stations as it procedes along its route.

Finding us in Finse:
When you de-train in Finse, you will have no trouble finding the hotel:   it is the biggest building in Finse, and it is on the station platform.   Check in at the reception, identifying yourself as part of the Blue Marble group (you may or may not be registered independently).   The reception can also provide information on interesting walks, or you may just relax on one of the hotel’s terraces.

If you have not met your Coordinator (or the other members of your group) before dinner, there will be a communal table in the dining room (labeled “Blue Marble”) at 8p.   Come and say “Hej!”

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