Meeting Your Trip in ODENSE — 2013

On this page, you will find information about meeting your trip. Topics include...

We suggest that you print these pages out, and bring a copy with you to your trip.

When and Where:
We meet at the Odense railway station complex, at 10a on the trip’s start date, or later by prior arrangement (to accommodate those arriving in Copenhagen the same day via inter-continental flights).

Odense is a mid-sized town on the island of Fyn, a 90-minute train ride from downtown Copenhagen, or direct from Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport.

The station complex contains a mini-mall, with shops, restaurants, cinema, internet café and public library (!).  On the main concourse there is a railway ticket office (with glass walls) opposite the multiplex cinema entrance.  Your trip’s Coordinator will be there at 10a, assuming the on-time arrival of his train from the south (the “Hotel Train” from Germany, normally due to arrive at 9:20a2013). 

2013 note:   your Coordinator's name is Nicolas Clifford, a bald 50-something, average height, perhaps a bit more weight than is strictly necessary.  But he knows his way around a railway station! 
His phone number is +33 607 47 96 04, in case you are late and need to reach him.

You should be dressed to bicycle when you meet the trip
If you have spent the previous night in Odense, we suggest that you come up to the station dressed for cycling.  If you are arriving by train on the trip departure morning, here is a hint:  the bathroom on the train is probably cleaner than the one in the station :-(

If you are having us move your luggage, please bring it with you to the station meeting.  We will carry it with us on the train to Fredericia, where we meet the bikes, and give up the luggage.

Included in Your Access Package, if you subscribed to it:
A train ticket to Odense, a seat reservation on any train which requires it, and a detailed timetable of the train for which you are reserved, if applicable.  Many of you will have additionally reserved a hotel night in Odense.

Travel Documents will have been sent to you prior to your departure, unless you are arriving via Paris.  In that case, they will be supplied by our Paris office (opening hours).  You will receive either a train ticket, or a railpass with accompanying explanation regarding its use, and a schedule for the train that you have reserved.

Getting to the Trip
The following routings are described. You may follow the link to jump directly to yours, or just scroll down.

From Copenhagen, or Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport
Express trains run 3 per hour from downtown Copenhagen, every hour from Kastrup Airport (though if you just miss one, it is quicker to take a frequent shuttle train downtown, and to catch the next train to Odense from there, than to wait for the next direct service).   Trip time from downtown is 90 minutes, add 20 minutes for the trip from Kastrup.

While seat reservations are not required on Sunday morning services, these trains are often standing-room-only as they depart Copenhagen. Seat reservations can be made at any time up until train departure for 30 Danish Crowns, about $5.25 / 4€ at current exchange rates.

From Arhus
Express trains run hourly, no reservations are necessary.

From Esbjerg
Express trains run hourly, no reservations are necessary.

From the Rest of Continental Europe
If you are coming from the south, you will almost certainly be on the overnight Hotel Train with your Coordinator. Branches of this train come from Switzerland, from Holland, and from Köln (connections from Paris and Brussels.  Your coordinator will typically be on the Köln section, as will the bikes.  This train has a pleasant bistro car for a light evening meal, or a breakfast beer.  Why not?  Everyone else is having one.

Practical Information

About Odense
A very pretty place. The town center has lots of charm.  If your Saturday night hotel is here, exploration is easy:  anything you would want to see is within walking distance.

If you arrive only on Sunday morning, and immediately depart, don’t be frustrated:  we return here later in the trip.

Finding Your Hotel, if You are Spending Saturday Night in Odense
The hotel we most commonly use, the Domir, is a short walk from the station.  Turn right on the street in front of the station and follow it for two long blocks (three blocks if you count the pedestrian crossing as a “block”).  Turn left onto HANS TAUSENS GADE.  The hotel is just ahead, on the right.

About Shipping Your Luggage

If you are having us transfer luggage for you, either through the trip, or just one-way to the end, please have it ready to go when you meet your Coodinator.  Though it probably does not need to be said, “ready to go” does not mean “I just have to get my bike clothes out, and change, and put my other clothes in, and do I really need this? and if not can I put it in my transfer bag, and....” It takes your Coordinator a while to deal with the luggage, and everyone is held up while s/he does so.   If they are additionally held up while you repack, it will make for a slow start to the day.

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