Meeting Your Trip in Salzburg — 2013

On this page, you will find information about meeting your trip.  Topics include...

We suggest that you print these pages out, and bring a copy with you to your trip.

When and Where:
In Salzburg, a pretty city on the Austro-German border, on Sunday at the end of the day.  Salzburg is a major railway junction, and also has a small airport.

Shall we meet at 5p, at the hotel?  Your trip’s Coordinator will probably head for dinner with whoever is ready at 6p or so, since some people may wish to attend a concert or other event at 8p.  If you are not there by then, however, don’t worry:  you can meet up with the Coordinator (and the others in the group) over breakfast on Monday. The first trip night is sometimes the week's "indpendent" night, since people arrive from all over, and not always in time for dinner.  Even if not, you may eat on your own if it suits you to do so, and we will reimburse your dinner check....

Included in Your Access Package, if you subscribed to it:
“Open” train tickets (good on any regional train — express trains can be ridden for a small extra charge) from Munich to Salzburg.  You can look up the schedule of available services on line:

You will receive either a train ticket, or a railpass with accompanying explanation regarding its use.

Seat reservations are not useful on this line:  trains have plenty of space.  And they cost extra, so don’t make one.

Travelling to Salzburg from Munich
If you are coming in from Munich airport, you first take an airport train (called the "S-bahn") to the downtown railway station (HBf), or to the Ostbahnhof station, depending on where your connection is best made.  It is slightly faster to connect at Ostbahnhof, but if your ongoing train to Salzburg is the every-two-hour “Railjet” service, it won’t stop there, and you must connect at the city center HBf station.

From Munich, whether from Hauptbahnhof or Ostbahnhof, you take a train to Salzburg. 
If you wish to walk around Munich a bit before you go on, make your connection at Hauptbahnhof, in the city center.  You may leave your luggage in one of the Hauptbahnhof station’s left-luggage lockers.

In the 2013 schedule, Munich - Salzburg trains run two per hour.  Locals, which cost less to ride, generally depart HBf at 40" past every hour (or a few minutes later), while expresses (10 - 30" faster) run at 25” past every hour, or a few minutes thereafter. 
Departure from Ostbahnhof is 10 minutes later.  The express service in the odd hour does not stop at Ostbahnhof.

The expresses require the payment of an extra charge (circa 6€ in the station, or 10€ on board), unless you are travelling on a railpass, in which case there is no extra charge.  If you have made a prior seat reservation, the extra charge is included in the reservation cost.

Finding Your Hotel from the Salzburg Station
Whether you arrive in Salzburg by plane or train, you will most likely wind up at the downtown rail station (HBf, or Hauptbahnhof).  This is because the bus in from the airport (city bus number 77, stopping in front of the terminal every 10 minutes) goes there.
Of course, you can take a cab if you prefer.  But we like to live like the locals, and so offer detailed instructions on getting to our regular hotels by city transit.

While in the Salzburg train station, find the information booth on the wide central platform of the train station.  City maps and arts calendars are available here.  Downstairs, in the station’s main lobby, you may change money.  If the change bureau is not open, the ticket window will change money for you.

Here is how to get to the Hotel Hohenstauffen. It is a short walk away.  Walk out of the station’s front door, and turn left.  Make the first right turn, onto F. Porche Straße, and then right again a block away, when this street “T’s” into Elisabethstraße.  The hotel is just ahead, on the left, at number 19.

If you are very late for some reason, be sure to call our Paris office, since this is where your trip coordinator will call when he does not see you. It is also a good idea to try to inform the hotel directly, though this may involve more language gymnastics.

Meeting Your Group
Your trip’s Coordinator arrives in Salzburg by the end of the afternoon on the trip’s start date.  If you can stop by the meeting point, you will be able to hook up for dinner.  But if you come in late, or jet-lagged, you may skip dinner altogether, or eat lightly.  If the dinner is not “independent,” just keep your dinner check (to help us with accounts):  we will reimburse you what we spent on whatever the group project was (regardless of what you actually spend).  A generous budget, by most definitions. 

Information on Austrian Cultural Attractions
Austria is a wonderful center for classical music, opera, and their cousins.  If you are interested, you will find a lot of it lining your path, and even “minor” concerts are of exceptional quality (an Austrian conservatory student is aspiring to the biggest league there is).

This is especially true of Salzburg (Mozart’s birthplace), and of Vienna.  The list of Vienna’s Opera Directors across history proves that the Steinbrenners are but shallow imitators regarding acquisition of talent, lest you had any illusions on that score (note musical pun).

You will be in Salzburg for two nights.  While your trip’s Coordinator will help you locate cultural activities locally, if you are a real fan, you may prefer to reserve in advance.  Naturally, many of the “best” events are highly prized (and priced).  So this warning may allow you to plan ahead, if you wish to do so.

The following web sites will help. (for Vienna, at the end of the full Austrian trip)

If you are new to us, and worried that your own, privately set-up plans might conflict with our arrangements, don’t be. We can always work something out.  You can have an early dinner, or a big lunch instead of the included dinner... we can refund the dinner check of wherever you eat on your own... and you will have plenty of “together time” with your fellow travellers out in the countryside.

One related but not obvious cultural curiosity:  Salzburg’s famous Marionette Theater.  There are two great marionette theaters in Europe, and this is one.  Exquisitely detailed puppets on strings perform full-length operas....  
For some, this may seem like getting punched in the nose while being hit on the toes with a wooden mallet.  Philistines!  May we recommend our “Tour of New Jersey Diners” trip, featuring Jello™?

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