Meeting Your Trip in Strasbourg — 2013

On this page, you will find information about meeting your trip.  Topics include...

We suggest that you print these pages out, and bring a copy with you to your trip.

When and Where:
Our trip will meet in the Strasbourg railway station, on the platform adjacent the station building (platform 1), at the north end of the station (the left end of the station building as you face the the building from the tracks), between 1p and 2p.  This is where the bumpers for the stub-end platforms numbered in the low 30’s are found.  At 2p, we will move to the platform for the 14h23 (2:23p) train to Lauterbourg (yes, if you are cycling today, you will ride this train as far as Seltz, where the bikes will be staged).

This meeting time is designed to offer you a pleasant bike ride in rural Alsace on your way to Wissembourg.  Keep lunch in mind:  by the time you get off in Seltz, at 3:13p, there will be no food to be had there.  So... if you are arriving in Strasbourg close to our meeting time, try to have eaten in the TGV café car before you get in (or at least to have bought a sandwich in the Salzbourg station, to eat on the train out to the country).

What if You Miss Your Planned Meeting?
If you have told us you are joining us in Strasbourg, and find yourself delayed, you should travel directly to Wissembourg.  In 2013, the Strasbourg - Wissembourg rail line is closed for engineering works, and trains are replaced by railroad-operated buses.  These will depart from the front of the station, and travel directly to Wissembourg. Scheduled departures are at 16h55, 18h55 and 20h50, journey time is 1'45".  Then meet us at the night's hotel.  Wissembourg is the final destination for these buses, making it easy to find them on the departure boards, and also to figure out when to get off. 

As a precaution (and so we don’t worry about you), you may wish to tell us where you are, if only so that we may send your bike to where you want it to be, and get the hotel to prepare a salami plate prepared for your midnight arrival in Wissembourg...

To do so, dial the cell phone that we will have in Strasbourg.  From within France, the number is (Nicolas) or (Pierre).  If you are dialing from outside of France, but within Europe, the numbers are 0033.607.47.96.04 or 0033.627.71.22.88.  From North America, dial 011.33... and then the number beginning with the 6.

You will depart Seltz by bicycle....

You thus have the issue of changing into your cycle clothes.  You may as well face this before you meet your trip... it will have you on the bike all the sooner.  Hint: the bathroom on the train is probably cleaner than the one in the Seltz station.  Indeed, we aren't even sure that there is one in the Seltz station  :-(

If you are having us move your luggage, it will be shipped from Strasbourg if you meet us before 1:30p.  If you arrive later, you may have to take it on the train with you to Seltz, to be shipped from there. 

Included in Your Access Package, if you subscribed to it:
A train ticket to Strasbourg, a seat reservation on any train which requires it, and a detailed timetable of the train for which you are reserved.
Also, the ongoing ticket from Strasbourg to Seltz, which we will have with us.

Travel Documents will be sent to you at home, prior to your departure.  You will receive either a train ticket, or a railpass with accompanying explanation regarding its use, and a schedule for the train that you have reserved.

Getting to the Trip from Paris, or from CDG Airport

Trains on this route require reservations.  If you are coming from the city centre, you have been booked on the 8:25a from Paris East (“Est”) station.  A Blue Marble will be riding this train with you, and will handle tickets and ticket validation.  You will find him (and the bicycles) in coach 1 or 11.  

If you are coming from the airport, you are on the 10:26a, and will have received your ticket from us before departure.

All trains offer café cars, for your morning croissant and coffee.