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Blue Marble Travel’s
“Small Footprint” EuropeanTrips
Unusual Trips by Bicycle and Train
Since 1986

Move through life at a speed that makes sense....

Blue Marble's Discovery is a program of cycle trips for individualistic, curious, adventurous travellers, young in fact or young at heart. 

Our Regional Train Tours share goals, but not means, with our cycle trips.

Village-to-village voyages, whether by bike or on foot, offer a pace that is ideal for exploration, and freedom that encourages impromptu discovery.  Plus, the exercise helps you fend off the weight you would otherwise gain from the nightly gastronomic adventure.

Our guests are more typical of local travellers than of tourists from afar.  Not youth hostelers or campers, not your boss on an “adventure” involving a diesel-spewing truck and the local Ritz.  We were green before the term existed:  we travel as our hosts do; modestly, weighing the value of our purchases; but comfortably, seeking out special experiences that make the trip.  And we are curious.  We don't shield ourselves from local habits and customs:  we seek them out.

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Blue Marble’s trips are different from those operated by luxury operators, such as Butterfield & Robinson, Backroads, Ciclismo Classico, or Experience Plus.  For starters, they are half the price.  But, more importantly, they are loosely-structured, individualistic trips, designed to let you travel amongst the people who live in the country you are visiting, and as they travel.  The people you travel with provide as much company as you desire:  they (you) form a diverse and interesting bunch. 

But you are no more a part of a collective than you want to be:  you are free to go off on your own at all times, including even for the included meals.  And your fellow travellers do not replace contact with the people who live in the places to which you travel. 

Which brings us back to price:  we travel at an economic level in keeping with the one you observe around you.  We shun the palaces and private coaches that isolate you from the local population.  No doubt as a result, our trips are peopled by fun, entertaining, easy-going travellers, curious about and open to their surroundings.  You!



















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...and also regional tours by train...
In France:  Provence, Burgundy, Brittany, the Loire Valley, the Massif Central,
Champagne, Alsace, Bordeaux & the Dordogne Valley.
In Italy:  Tuscany, Umbria, the Italian Lake District.
And also in Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Germany... even Luxembourg!
Bike travel for the exuberant!