Departure Calendar of our Scheduled Trips
See here for information concerning 2018

Our 2017 calendar is here, and all individual trip pages have been updated to reflect currently-scheduled departures.

If you are organizing elaborate travel plans around a particular trip, we suggest that you confirm your space on the trip before committing to airlines, railroads, etc.   There are lots of planes and trains.  There is only one trip, or at least only one that you want.  And, should your plans fall apart, our trip deposit is refundable until two months prior to travel, less a modest administrative charge.   

Using the Calendar

Start & End Dates

Each black block on the calendars represents a trip.  Lodging during the time spanned by the block is included in that trip’s price. 

The date at the left (front) end of the block is the date on which the trip assembles.  The date at the right (back) is the date on which the trip disbands.  Lodging that final night is not included in the trip’s cost.

Example:  the trip in the top left corner of the calendar, on a blue background, shows the dates of “Biking Transcontinental.”   To join this trip, you should be “local” (in Dijon, 90 minutes southeast of Paris) by May 21st, in time for a full biking day.  The trip disbands in Vienna, Austria, on the morning of June 23rd.  Why don’t you just go on that one?  That way you won’t have to read any more.

Dates at the Tops of the Columns
These are always Sundays, and are there only to separate one week from the next, and to give you a view of which trips are running in a given week. 

Flight Dates

Reaching Your Trip, Intercontinental Travellers
Reaching your trip’s assembly point by its start time may not be possible on the date on which you fly in from whatever country you are coming from (especially if you land after 11a).  If you are coming from another continent, you will generally need to book your flight to depart either 1 or 2 days prior to your trip start date.  Here is how to tell which.

The right-hand edge of the trip calendar lists a number of nights included in each trip’s “Access Package,” both “Pre-” and “Post-Trip.”

  • When a night is included in the pre-trip Access Package, you should generally plan to arrive at a gateway near your trip’s start point, at the latest on the day before the start date.
    If you are coming from another continent, many flights to Europe (all flights coming from the Americas) fly overnight.  So a departure from America should be the day before the date on which you wish to land in Europe.
    If your travel plans require it, ask us about same-day arrivals, or look at the detailed information for your specific trip.  A same-day arrival may be possible, provided you can land early in the morning.   This will never be the “luxury solution” (your first day in a new time zone, after a night on a plane, can be a bit rough), but if it lets you go on a trip you otherwise could not take....

  • When no night is included in the pre-trip “Access Package,” reaching the European gateway closest to your trip start by 11a on the start date will allow you to reach the trip in a timely manner.
    Of course, such scheduling does not allow for travel delays, nor for much time to settle in, adjust to time changes, etc.  If you are arriving on the date of your trip’s start, the earlier you can schedule your flight’s arrival, the better.  For example, a flight landing at 7a is preferable to one landing at 10:59a.

Example:  for our “Adventures in Alsace” trip, a “0” appears in the column “Add’l Nights in ‘Access Packages’ – Pre-.”  You should thus reach Paris (or one of the trip’s other closest access gateways) by 11a on the trip start date.  If your flight is overnight, this means booking it to depart the day before, at the latest.

Had a “1” appeared, you would have needed to land the day before the trip’s start date, though in that case it would not have been necessary to land before 11a.  If coming from the Americas, you would have had to book a flight departing your home city 2 days before the trip start date. 

Leaving Your Trip
Trips generally disband too late on their end dates for same-day intercontinental flights, at least to North America.  Thus you should book your flight for the next day (to do otherwise will truncate or eliminate the last biking day, often a highlight).

Exception:   when no night is included in the “Post-trip Access Package,” the trip disbands at breakfast, and a same-day long-distance flight is possible.  Such a flight can be booked at any hour if your trip disbands in Vienna or Lisbon.  If it disbands in Mulhouse, the first morning train reaches Zurich Airport at 9:30a.  If it disbands in Como, you can reach Malpensa airport by 9a.  If it disbands in Bolzano, you can reach any of 4 airports by 1p. Book your ongoing flights accordingly.
Note that same-day departures often mean boarding a train at 5 or 6a, after a festive (and late) supper the previous evening.  In the case of Mulhouse, a same-day departure also means skipping a pleasant morning bike ride.  If you can plan to travel later in the day, or the next day, you will be glad you did!

Detailed discussion of the timing and travel options to reach and leave each trip is available from the “Access Page” for that trip.


Schedule Your Own Trip
(“Guest-Initiated Departures”)
Pick Your Route, Pick Your Date

Can’t find the trip you want on the date you need?  Schedule your own!  At no additional cost, a minimum of 6 people (4 if you are scheduling for a future year) can schedule a guaranteed departure for whatever week they choose, while supplies last (of Coordinators, hotels, trains...).

So, if you can get five friends together, schedule the trip!  It will be added to our schedule for the benefit of the great unwashed, adding an element of anticipation and excitement to what would otherwise be too much of a known quantity....  We already know you like adventure travel :-).  Follow the link for details.  Some restrictions apply.

Private charter trips are also available.

Connecting Trips

Our trips are the result of considerable thought.  They highlight the charms of different regions of Europe in a culturally coherent manner.  But vacation times & dreams don’t always coincide.  To get around this, you may design your own itinerary.  If our trips don’t fit your schedule or vision, connect two of them together to create a different program.

“How Do I Do Dat?”
Vertical lines are drawn for every week throughout our biking season.  Trip blocks are drawn to line up with these verticals when trips are designed to connect.  Vertically line up the backs and fronts of trip blocks in this calendar to see what can be connected.

“But Short Trips are Expensive!”
Not if you link them together.  Combining short trips costs only slightly more than taking a longer one of the same length.  Connecting trips are discounted, and include travel & hotel costs and arrangements between trips.

We select the route, timing, and night stops (if any), though you may negotiate variants at a generally modest extra cost if you have particular preferences.

See “Pricing of Connecting Trips” for further discussion.

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