Kingdom Off the Sea

Kingdom Off the Sea – 2 weeks
Italy:  Umbria and the Italian Lakes

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Alone among Italian provinces, Umbria and those at the foot of the Alps are landlocked.  Not that water is lacking:  they host the peninsula’s largest lakes.  But they share the focus of mountain provinces the world over:  a local authenticity and cultural autonomy that makes them feel somehow apart.

The differences in their mountainscapes are considerable, of course.  Indeed, there is little link between the classic Etruscan landscape of olive-covered Monte Subasio, and the almost-Swiss landscapes of the northern lakes, dominated by snow-capped Monte Rosa. 

This trip lets you experience the geographical heart of Italy, and then travel to her most cosmopolitan province.  Because, along with olive oil, variety is the spice of life!

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Days of the Week
Region Visited Details
Access Package Train to Spoleto
Our trip assembles in Spoleto on Sunday afternoon.
1 - 7
Su, Mo
Spoleto, the Umbrian Apennine
Tu - Th
Valle Umbra, Assisi
Th - Sa
Perugia, Lago Trasimeno, Night in Florence
8 - 14
Italian Lakes
The Ossola Valley
Mo - Th
Lago Maggiore, Ticino & the Cerisio
Th - Sa
Lago di Como
Trip disbands Saturday midday, in Como
A night hotel is included in the Como Access Package for a Sunday flight or other ongoing travel.
Access Package travel date

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June 3 - 16

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