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Picture-perfect ride to Gent (Richard Bankowitz)
All you can eat? Beautiful. (R. Bankowitz)
Brugges at night. (Joel Kirsch)
Through a typical village in the Ardennes. (Joel Kirsch)
Wow. It looks like a lot... (Kirk Simon)
Boats along a canal in Brugge (R. Bankowitz)
Made it to Luxembourg! (Andy Pickett)
Riding along the Leopoldskanaal. (R Bankowitz)
A site along the Mosel River (R. Bankowitz)
A walk through Bernkastel. (L. Malone)
Don't like beer? You haven't tried Kriek. (M. Sailor)
All aboard for the Rhine river cruise! (A. Pickett)
One of the numerous castles along the river.... (A. Pickett)